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How does it work?

With Prêt Cash 2000,. You can apply for an online loan application from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are from your phone. Get up to $ 1000 loan, and pat it back at your own pace.

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As a certified lender, we follow the laws of Quebec and we are transparent in our procedures.


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You will need

  • One piece of ID
  • A checking account
  • Some income information

Repayment period (from the next day to 1-year max)

Any repayment can be made the day after the loan and not later than 1 year after.


Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) 

Our maximum annual percentage rate of charge is 24%. It covers both the interest rate and all other costs incurred during the year.


Here are some examples of loans and repayment:  

1- You borrow $300 and wish to repay monthly: you could have 3 payments of $172.76.

2- You borrow $500 and wish to repay every two weeks: you could have 6 payments of $125.26.

3- You borrow $750 and wish to repay each week: you could have 14 payments of $80.96.

4- You borrow $1,000 and wish to repay monthly: you could have 4 payments of $379.76.